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Basic Info about RingMaster

Username: RingMaster Date Joined: October 27, 2011
Email: Level: System Administrator

About Me

Anders Bakke is a Pro Ringmaster working with the for 15 yrs. I maintain 16 Rings and most are WebRings for anything and everything about the Accordion. I was a Pro Entertainer from New York to all the coastline, to Brownville Texas and back!

01/17/2007 I had a massive stroke and am now crippled of the right side. Unable to work a normal job I am "making" WebRings and managing them ...

As a RingMaster I am the person in charge and the owner of a Web-Ring. It is my job finding a Ring for a new member or creating a new ring for a new member. As a RingMaster (just link in the Circus) I've have the bragging right to announce the news for the in the social-media ...

A web-ring is a less labor some alternative to sites exchanging text, banner links, and directory links. It is a means of getting more links to your site, to help improve your site ranking in search engines. It also serves as a free advertising...

Now, if anyone that needs a little help designing a HTML page/site and/or needing custom music, video, Flash etc. there is a "tip jar" for donations on most pages that are displaying the "24 Hours" sign; as I can do that on the side...


Andy Bakke, AccordionMan

Sites by RingMaster

  • Statistics Bourbon (Web-Ring) Street

    Bourbon Street webring joins together pages that follow the theme of New Orleans/Louisiana. Embraced by residents of New Orleans beyond Mardi Gras celebrations...Let the good times roll! This Bourbon Street webring joins pages together that follow the theme of New Orleans/Louisiana. Anything Cajun/Creole culture, and/or southern hospitality websites are Wecome! Laissez les bon temps Rouler!

    Active since: October 28, 2011
  • Statistics Cajun (Web-Ring) Zydeco

    Websites of Cajun/Zydeco Bands around the U.S.A. - Let's the Good Times Roll! ... :-) Enjoy!

    Active since: November 23, 2011
  • Statistics Christian (Web-Ring) WebPages

    Christians helping Christians share their faith with the world! To the extent your site and page is g-rated, maintained, and accessible (and fits with the given ring description, with working ring code in tact), you should not be turned away.

    Active since: May 16, 2012
  • Statistics Christmas (Web-Ring) Worldwide

    It's Christmas all year long when you visit with us! - Free Christmas MIDI, Mp3, Video ... Here is A list of keywords like ... Christmas, Traditional, International, XMAS, Merry, History, Celebrations, Holiday, Cards, Poems, Stories, Literature, Games, Santa,Claus, Sleigh, Reindeer, Bells, Mistletoe, Eggnog, Candy, Canes, Lights, Candles, North Pole, Feast, Trees, Hot Cocoa, Gingerbread, Cookies, Wreaths, World, Worldwide, Toys, Symbols ...and more!

    Active since: November 23, 2011
  • Statistics Irish (Web-Ring) World

    Welcome to the place for all things Irish. !!! Around here ... St Patricks Day is everyday!

    Active since: October 30, 2011
  • Statistics Mardi (Web-Ring) Gras

    This IS the Best of the Best! Mardi Gras parties all year on the sites in this Ring...Let's the Good Time's Roll!

    Active since: October 28, 2011
  • Statistics Midi (ARCHIVES) Ring

    The is for the SOURCE of free, new and professional MIDI files. If you have Collections of Midi Files, share! It is a small world after all! ... :-) Enjoy!

    Active since: October 28, 2011
  • Statistics Midi (CLASSICAL) Ring

    This Ring will have Hundreds of thousands of classical midi files of high quality. For the enthusiast with an easy method of accessing MIDI sequences of classical music in MIDI / MP3 Formats ... Enjoy!

    Active since: May 20, 2012
  • Statistics Midi (KEYBOARDS) Ring

    ***Devoted to keeping MIDI Alive Worldwide*** ... MIDI ring for Digital Electronic Keyboards and Yahoo Users Groups as well having aftermarket accessories & software... :-) Enjoy!

    Active since: February 12, 2013
  • Statistics Midi (ORGANS) Ring

    A MIDI ring for Electronic Organs, Pipe Organs and Other Keyboards sites. Also featuring Suppliers of , and MIDI aftermarket accessories and other electronic products...

    Active since: October 28, 2011
  • Statistics Midi (PROFESSIONAL) Ring

    High Quality Midi Professional Backing Tracks Musicians, Vocalists and Group Bands...

    Active since: December 14, 2014
  • Statistics Midi (SYNTHESIZER) Ring

    A sound synthesizer (synth) is an electronic instrument capable of producing a wide range of sounds. Synthesizers may either imitate other instruments ( imitative synthesis) or generate new timbres. They can be played (controlled) via a variety of different input devices (including keyboards, music sequencers and instrument controllers). Synthesizers generate electric signals (waveforms), and can finally be converted to sound through loudspeakers or headphones...

    Active since: September 20, 2013
  • Statistics Midi (Web-Ring) World

    Devoted to keeping MIDI Alive Worldwide ... 1000's and 1ooo's of Quality MIDI backing track and full orchestrations plus PRO MIDI backing tracks as well... Search Engine tweaked to find the right song and a lot of great pages that are beautiful ... you got to see and listen!

    Active since: October 28, 2011
  • Statistics Midi (WEBSITES) Ring

    Devoted to join together all free MIDI websites on the internet. Join if you have a MIDI Collection of files that you what to share with the rest of the world...

    Active since: December 14, 2014
  • Statistics Midi [MAIN] Ring

    ***Devoted to keeping MIDI Alive Worldwide*** This will be best of the best MIDI sites WITH sub-rings for MIDI file Archives and Rings for Organs, Keyboards, Synthesizers and MIDI Sequencing Software. :-) Enjoy!

    Active since: November 2, 2013
  • Statistics Polka (Web-Ring) World

    Active since: October 28, 2011

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